Coaching /

Enabling and motivating your employees and managers.

Coaching und Schulung - Dr. Bastian Marheineke


Discover and develop the potentials of your employees and managers.



Education and instruction of your employees, managers and sales partners.

Coaching und Schulung - Dr. Bastian Marheineke


Your company offers the potentials – within your employees.” This is the motto I used when establishing my personal management style and when developing my employees. Wake and encourage the potentials inside your employees and managers. Build the foundation for even more effective sales.

  • Coaching of employees
  • Management coaching
  • Job Shadowing
  • Management Shadowing
  • Building on strengths
  • Encourage potentials
  • Team development
  • Team leading
  • Development of high potential employees
  • Team building
  • Improvement of management skills and competencies

Coaching relies on trustful collaboration as well as empathy and responsibility of the coach. Your employees and managers will benefit from my expertise in identifying potentials. I provide feedback in a dialogue considering their role within your company.

Such I can impart and develop knowledge, skills and capabilities for fulfilling specific tasks – individually or within the team.


Adequate education of your employees is essential for efficiency and effectiveness in your sales and entire business organisation. Your sales and distribution partners will be more motivated when integrated into your sales processes through appropriate training initiatives. This will further support building your business.

Basic and established tools are as important as adapted, extended knowledge and abilities. I therefore offer standard training modules as well as individual training courses tailored to your demands, e.g.:

  • Technical sales
  • Develop and apply sales strategies
  • Proper sales conversation
  • Successful negotiation
  • Sales management
  • Distributor Training
  • Creating and using sales documents
  • Product presentation
  • Intercultural training
  • Indirect sales through distribution partners
  • Applying sales processes
  • CRM processes
  • Sales controlling

Your employees and managers can tap on my broad portfolio of tools and methods. I share my expertise, gathered in countless situations as sales specialist in direct and indirect sales.

Besides technical tools I attach great emphasis on the personal development of soft skills for better performance. Improve the interaction with colleagues, partners and customers also within intercultural context.